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With going through a bank or through a licensed mortgage professional as the typical two ways to get a Canadian mortgage, it is extremely important that people are looked after the proper way when acquiring a mortgage.

Allen Hubble is a Brampton mortgage agent who, along with his Mortgage Alliance team, tirelessly works for you to provide you with the best mortgage solutions tailored to your situation. With a strong focus on customer service, Allen and his team offer a variety of Brampton mortgage options for their clients while getting the best rates and terms along the way.

Mortgages have the ability to be confusing at times to those who aren’t quite familiar with the process and a competitive market such as Brampton can add to that. Allen is an experienced mortgage professional who is familiar with the area and has established quality relationships with other professionals in similar industries that can ultimately help clients secure better rates and deals.

He has also built relationships with many mortgage lenders both locally and nationally, allowing him to expand his pool of possible suitors when it comes to your mortgage. As a result, Allen has the ability to secure the lowest rates and most favourable terms so you can live comfortably without having to worry about whether you are paying too much.

Whether you are looking to buy a home, seeking an investment property or refinancing or renewing, Allen will ensure that you receive the care you deserve while offering you flexible mortgage options that are best for your specific situation.

Allen is ready to help with whatever your Brampton mortgage and financial needs require.

With a population of over 600,000, Brampton is the ninth-largest city in Canada population-wise and fourth-largest in Ontario. Brampton is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and situated in Peel Region.

The city was initially founded in 1853 as a village before officially becoming a town in 1873. It was finally incorporated as a city in 1974 and got its name from the town of Brampton in Cumbria, England. Today the city is known for its retail administration and logistics sectors as well as advanced manufacturing, communication technologies and food and beverage services. At one time, however, Brampton was nicknamed “The Flower Town of Canada” because of its large contributions to the country’s greenhouse industry. Its current nickname is Flower City and it is the youngest city in the GTA thanks to a median age of 33.7.

Brampton is also home to a number of popular attractions for visitors and residents alike including Gage Park, Flower City Theatre Festival, Great War Flying Museum, Rose Theatre and Wild Water Kingdom. The city also has a number of sports teams offering fantastic entertainment to people year-round. Some of the teams who play out of Brampton include the Brampton Beast (Hockey, ECHL), Brampton Excelsiors (Lacrosse), Brampton Canadettes Thunder (Hockey, CWHL), Brampton Royals (Baseball) and Brampton United FC (Soccer). For a complete list of things to do and see in the city, check out this link:


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Did you know that Brampton is one of the most affordable cities in the GTA?

Thanks to rising prices in Toronto and other surrounding areas, many buyers have turned to Brampton for the purchase of their next home. The fact that the city is located in close proximity to Pearson International Airport along with road infrastructure and population growth has attracted buyers and businesses to the area. In fact, many businesses have made Brampton their headquarters in recent years.

In Brampton the average mortgage loan is $211,380 with a fairly level spread of type of mortgage inquiries. 17.6% of all mortgage inquiries in Brampton are for pre-approvals while 16.2% are for renewals and 15.8% for refinancing/debt consolidation. First-time home buyer and new home purchase inquiries round out the top five, representing 14.5% and 14.3%, respectively.

As of March 2016 the average price for a home (detached) in Brampton was $644,611. This price was $89,000 more than it was in March 2015 while the average time a home spent on the market was a mere 12 days. When looking at the average price for all-residential homes, 2016 has so far seen an average price of $542,388, already higher than the 2015 average of $488,497.

Demand for homes continues to rise in the city. To this point in 2016, sellers are receiving 100% of their initial asking price in the city. The drastic jump in average price year-over- year combined with the short amount of days a home spends on the market does indeed confirm that people are flocking to Brampton quickly.

While the average price for a home has increased it is still significantly more affordable when compared to homes in Toronto, Oakville and Mississauga.

Source: https://www.superbrokers.ca/stats/canadian-mortgages/ontario/brampton-mortgages.phtm
Source: http://mybramptonlife.ca/2015-market-statistics

It’s possible that you may be trying to decide if you should go through a bank or a mortgage professional in order to obtain a mortgage. There are many reasons why a mortgage agent in Brampton, such as Allen, can greatly benefit you.

Allen Hubble always puts his clients first, something that a major bank or other lending institution may not value. When you decide to team up with Mortgage Alliance and Allen, you can have confidence in knowing that you are always going to be getting personalized, honest advice and service. You won’t have to worry about going in for a mortgage meeting and wondering if you’ll be dealing with a new face every time. Instead, you can feel good knowing that you will be seeing the same face when it comes to working with your mortgage.

Additionally, Allen works for his clients. He does not work for or report to any major banks or financial institutions. This means that Allen will be working for you and acting in your best interest. It is important for you to know that with Allen and Mortgage Alliance you will always be receiving honest and unbiased advice. He has access to a large number of lending institutions that he uses in order to secure the lowest rates and best terms for you based on your financial situation.

For even more reasons on why a mortgage broker is a great choice, check out this great article:


In order to be the best mortgage broker in Brampton you have to treat your clients the best, and this is why Allen Hubble is a fantastic choice when it comes to finding solutions for all of your Brampton mortgage needs.

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